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Oral Care Guide For Teens - Oral Care Products - Interdental brush

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Interdental brush

Function and method of use
Photograph showing several types of interdental brushes.

  • Cleaning the adjacent tooth surfaces with a wide interdental space
    If there is a wide gap between neighbouring teeth, an interdental brush may be used instead of dental floss.

    Insert the interdental brush into the gap between the teeth, placing the brush as close to the gum margin as possible, move the brush back and forth to clean the adjacent tooth surfaces.
    Animation showing the use of interdental brush to clean the adjacent tooth surfaces with wide gap.

    Video display: Use of an interdental brush
  • Cleaning tooth surfaces with fixed orthodontic appliances
    It is rather difficult to clean the teeth with fixed orthodontic appliances in place. The teeth and the appliance should be cleaned in the morning and before bed at night every day, as well as after each meal.

    Suggested cleansing method:
    • Firstly, brush the area between the orthodontic appliance and gingivae (gums). Then, brush the area between the appliance and the incisal edge of the teeth.
      Animation showing the use of toothbrush to clean the lower teeth with fixed orthodontic appliance.

    • Finally, insert an interdental brush into the area between the teeth and the appliance to clean.
      Animation showing the use of interdental brush to brush the area between the orthodontic appliance and lower teeth in up and down motion.

    Flossing is difficult for people wearing fixed orthodontic appliances. Hence, superfloss can be used to facilitate the removal of dental plaque on the adjacent tooth surfaces.

Designs of interdental brush

  • Brush head design
    Different sizes of brush head suit different widths of the interdental spaces.
    Photograph of two different sizes of interdental brush heads.

  • Handle design
    Long handle is suitable for home use, short handle (travel pack) is convenient to be carried around.
    Photograph of two interdental brushes with long and short handles.

  • Replacement pack
    When the brush head is worn out, it can be replaced. It is economical.
    Photograph of a replacement pack of interdental brush and a few interdental brush heads.

Which kind is suitable for you?

Choose an interdental brush that provides the most snug interdental fit. An interdental brush should be easily inserted into the interdental space and it fills up the space with no strong resistance.

Points to note

  • If there are interdental spaces of different widths in the mouth, you should use interdental brushes of a few different sizes to clean the space.
  • Don't put an interdental brush into the interdental space forcefully, it may damage your gums.
  • You should clean the interdental brush every time after use. Leave it to dry and save for next time use

Replace with a new brush when the bristles are worn or deformed.

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