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Oral Care Guide For Teens - Oral Care Products - Single-tuft toothbrush

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Single-tuft toothbrush

What is a single-tuft toothbrush?

It is a toothbrush with a very small head which can be used to clean wisdom teeth and crooked teeth effectively. There are various shapes of brush head. The effectiveness of cleaning by different shapes of the brush head is similar.
Photograph of several types of single-tuft toothbrushes with different shapes.

Function and method of use

It is used to clean the areas that is difficult to be reached by conventional toothbrush, such as:

Animation showing the cleaning of wisdom tooth with a single-tuft toothbrush.
  • Wisdom teeth
    Method of use:
    Place the bristles at the gum margin of the wisdom tooth and brush gently to clean every tooth surface.
Animation showing the cleaning of crooked teeth with a single-tuft toothbrush.
  • Crooked teeth
    Method of use:
    Place the bristles over the tooth area where conventional toothbrush cannot reach and brush gently.
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