Besides causing serious damages to general health, smoking also has adverse effects on oral health.

Consequences of smoking on oral health

Ways to refuse smoking

Ways to quit smoking

Discover motives
List out reasons for quitting as motives. For example, quitting smoking can:

Make plans
Change habits that will trigger your urge to smoke. Make a plan that will help you quit smoking. At the initial stage of quitting, you may try chewing sugarless gums instead of smoking.

Persist to the end
You need to be determined and persistent that you will not be affected by cigarettes again.

Seek help
Should you need help and assistance, please dial 2838 3266 for the 24-hour hotline of "The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health" or 1833 183 for the Smoking Cessation Hotline of Department of Health

Last revision date: 18 January 2012