1. Does the government provide dental service to the public? Where can I find emergency dental service?
The Government provides the public with emergency dental service. The aim of the service is to relieve dental pain of the patients. It is a free service. The treatment includes extraction and medication. After the emergency treatment, the patients need to seek follow-up treatment from their dentists.
Listed below are the addresses and phone numbers of government clinics that provide emergency dental service. You can also retrieve the same information from the "24-hour Oral Health Education Hotline"
HK Government Emergency Dental Service For General Public

2. Where can I find information on private dental service?
Most of the dental clinics in Hong Kong are either private clinics or clinics operated by charitable organizations. They provide a rather wide range of services from basic services such as scaling and filling, to the more complex treatments such as orthodontic treatment or implant. The qualification and experience of dentists in these private clinic, the equipments inside the clinic and their charges may vary.
There are approximately one thousand registered dentists in Hong Kong. Their telephone number and clinic address can be found on the yellow pages. You must choose to receive service from a registered dentist or a dental professional monitored by them because the qualification of every local registered dentist has been approved and recognized by the Dental Council of Hong Kong. Therefore, the quality of their service is up to standard. You may browse through the list of locally registered dentist at the Dental Council of Hong Kong website.
Furthermore, you may also find a dentist by word of mouth and ask a relative or a friend to refer you to a dentist.

3. How can I receive dental treatment at the Prince Philip Dental Hospital?
Prince Philip Dental Hospital is the teaching hospital for Dental students at the University of Hong Kong. Prince Philip Dental Hospital does accept a small number of patients for treatment but their oral condition must suit teaching needs. Please enquire with the Prince Philip Dental Hospital regarding their service.
Address: Prince Philip Dental Hospital, 34 Hospital Road, Hong Kong
Website: http://www.ppdh.org.hk/en/index.htm

4. Where can I find information on "orthodontic" doctors?
Most of the registered dentists in Hong Kong had undergone basic orthodontic training. You may ask your dentist to see if he/she provides this service. You may also choose the dentists who have received training in orthodontic treatment and have registered as a "Specialist in Orthodontics" with the Dental Council of Hong Kong. If other treatments, such as filling or extraction, are needed during the orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist will refer you to other dentists.
The list of "Specialist in Orthodontic"s by the Dental Council of Hong Kong can be found at this link:

5. Where can I find less expensive dental service?
Charges of private dentists are not standardized. If you wish to find out the charges for a specific dentist, you may contact him/her directly. You may first compare their prices before making the decision to receive treatment. You can obtain a list of registered dentists by visiting this link
When you are considering the price charged, you should also consider other factors such as treatment method, quality of service etc. Of course there are charges for dental services, but if you visit the dentist regularly for check-up and scaling and allow the dentist to monitor your oral condition, you will end up saving a lot of money from other oral treatments.

6. Does the government provide mobile dental service?
The Department of Health only provides emergency dental service such as extraction and pain relief. The mobile dental service in Hong Kong is provided by other organizations, and Project Concern (HK) is one of them. For any queries, you may call them on 2776 9081.

7. How can I join the School Dental Care Service?
School Dental Care Service is a service provided by the Department of Health targeted at Primary 1 to Primary 6 school children. It aims at teaching school children the importance of preventing oral diseases and understanding oral health. School children can join this program through their schools. School children are arranged to receive dental check-up at a dental clinic. The Department of Health will arrange a school bus service to pick-up and drop-off Primary 1 to Primary 4 school children to and from the clinic with the consent of the school. Primary 5 and Primary 6 school children are given an appointment slip and a time arranged for dental visit during school holidays.
Should you wish to inquire for more information, you may call the School Dental Care Service's information hotline at 2928 6132.

8. Does the School Dental Care Service provide orthodontic treatment?
The scope of the School Dental Care Service includes scaling, filling, extraction, and oral health education. Orthodontic treatment is not provided. However, when there is need for a child to receive orthodontic treatment, his/her parents will be informed and the child's oral condition will be explained. A list of "Specialist in Orthodontics" in Hong Kong will be given as reference. This list can also be found at the following link.

Last revision date: 30 September 2015