Extraction is the removal of tooth by dentally used extraction instruments such as forceps or elevators.

Purpose of extraction in children

Photograph showing a tooth requiring removal for orthodontic needs.

Photograph showing the removal of the tooth for orthodontic needs.

Photograph showing the lower teeth under orthodontic treatment with appliances.


1.Apply local anaesthetics to the tooth and oral structures to make them numb.

2.Using appropriate instruments to extract the tooth.
Animation showing the use of dental instruments to loosen the tooth and remove it from the socket.

3.Tightly bite on cotton roll or gauze to help stop bleeding.

Note for parents

Points to note after extraction

On the day after extraction:

Painful and swollen wound after extraction

Generally, discomfort in the wound will be felt within few days after the extraction. The level of discomfort will decrease as the wound heals. If you follow the dentist's advices to give your child medications and keep his/her mouth clean, the wound should gradually heal. If the discomfort persists or has even worsened , you should take your child to get a detailed check-up by the dentist.

Last revision date: 18 January 2012