Leong's Premolar

The difference between a 'Leong's premolar' and a normal premolar is that a 'Leong's premolar' has a projected and fragile portion of tooth structure. If the projected structure fractured and no proper treatment is done, there will be chances for bacteria to infect the pulp of the tooth. The pulp may become necrotic or may even result in periapical abscess. Preventive treatment is needed to protect the tooth from the above situation.
Photograph of a Leong’s premolar.  Animation showing the process of pulp infection caused by the fractured projected tooth structure of a Leong’s premolar.

According to individual needs, the dentist will either strengthen the fragile structure, or remove the structure and restore the tooth by composite resin.

If the child has already joined the School Dental Care Service, he/she can receive treatment in the respective School Dental Clinic.

Last revision date: 18 January 2012