'Brighter Smiles for the New Generation' oral care activity at home and school (Original named as Love Teeth with Your Kids Programme)

Since 1993, the Oral Health Education Division has been conducting a territory-wide oral health promotion programme named Brighter Smiles for the New Generation for the pre-primary children. Its aim is to promote the establishment of good oral health care habits to children under 6 years old from a tender age.

Each year we develop a wide range of education materials and distribute to all kindergartens and nurseries. These materials include a cartoon DVD and picture books, which express the oral health messages in vivid, interesting stories and colorful pictures with a view to arouse the interests of learning in the children. Furthermore, teachers and parents can help children establish good oral health care habits by following the toothbrushing and smart diet activity instructions that are clearly laid out in the comprehensive student's handbook. By monitoring the activity records on the handbooks, teachers can give appropriate awards to the children as recognition to their efforts made.

We deeply believe that by forming partnership of family and school, children can develop their self-care ability and know how to care for their teeth through the encouragement of their beloved parents and teachers.