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Oral Care Guide For Teens - Oral Problems - Causes of bad breath

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  1. Having taken strong flavoured food
    Photograph of garlic and stinky Tofu

  2. Oral hygiene problem

    • Bad oral hygiene
      It will be accompanied by putrefied food debris.

    • Failed to thoroughly clean the orthodontic appliances
      Plaque and food debris left behind will cause bad breath.

  3. Oral Diseases or Oral Problems

    Oral Diseases such as:

    • Tooth Decay
      If tooth decay has extended into the pulp, the necrotic pulp will emit foul odour.

    • Gum disease
      The accumulation of dental plaque and calculus irritates the gum, which leads to gum disease and causes bad breath.

    Oral Problem:

  4. Smoking

  5. General health problems
    such as:
    • Respiratory system problems
      • Allergic Rhinitis (nose allergy)
      • Sinusitis (infection of sinus)
    • Alimentary tract problem (digestive system)
      • Digestive problem
    • Diabetes
      Photograph of a bed-ridden man.

    • Nasopharyngeal Cancer (cancer of the nose and throat)
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