Bright Smiles Mobile Classroom

The Service Aim

'Bright Smiles Mobile Classroom' is a roving oral health education bus to the primary schools of Hong Kong. It provides an extra-curricular supplementary classroom to enrich the oral health knowledge of the primary school students and to enhance their ability to master the oral care skills.

Mode of Learning

Under the guidance and facilitation of the Dental Therapists, the students learn through an activity-based approach, in the joyful, amusing and interactive environment of the Mobile Classroom. The multimedia facilities provide vivid and interesting animation. The novel computer games allow the students to acquire the related oral health knowledge. Besides, each student is equipped with a dental model to practice the correct oral hygiene techniques, under the instruction of the Dental Therapists.

Content and Themes

In order to meet the learning needs of the different grades of students, the Mobile Classroom carries diverse thematic contents on oral health and tailor-made oral health lessons for different learning levels of students. The syllabus is rich and comprehensive. The students can learn about the structure and functions of the teeth, understand the teeth transition period and the associated conditions, investigate the various oral diseases and master the correct oral care skills, etc. This is to ensure that students will acquire new knowledge and have a new experience every time they visit the 'Bright Smiles Mobile Classroom'.