Use of an interdental brush

Use of an interdental brush
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The Interdental brush is used to remove the dental plaque
which has adhered to the adjacent tooth surfaces of the teeth.
There are different sizes and shapes of interdental brush heads
to fit different sizes of interdental spaces
To choose an appropriate interdental brush
the brush head should pass through the interdental space easily
but should not be too loose
It should not be forced through the interdental space
nor be too large that it gets stuck in the interdental space
This interdental brush is appropriate for this particular interdental space
Should you have different sizes of interdental spaces in your mouth
different sizes of interdental brushes should be chosen
Place the appropriate interdental brush at the gums
and insert it through the interdental space gently
Move it in and out two to three times
When done, slide it out gently without using any force
lest the gums are injured
After every session, the interdental brush should be cleaned, dried and kept for use next time
The interdental brush should be replaced if the bristles are frayed out