The Oral Health Survey 2011 showed that nearly all adults in Hong Kong had daily brushing habit, however, there were more than 90% of them had half or more of their teeth covered with visible dental plaque and more than 40% of them did not have the habit of seeking regular dental checkup. The result revealed that the oral cleanliness of adults was unsatisfactory and proper use of professional dental care was overlooked.

Love Teeth Campaign

The Love Teeth Campaign aims to promote the importance of preventing oral diseases among the public in Hong Kong. It reminds individuals to consistently practise good personal oral hygiene and effectively manage their oral health. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is the most cost-effective way to improve overall oral health. The public are encouraged to thoroughly clean their teeth and interdental spaces using the correct methods every day, undergo regular oral check-ups, adopt healthy dietary habits, reduce sugar intake, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption to prevent oral diseases and maintain overall well-being. Additionally, regular dental check-ups and learning proper personal oral care methods from dental professionals, including brushing techniques and interdental cleaning, are essential to ensure good oral hygiene.

Don't trust your naked eyes. Clean your teeth thoroughly.

Dental plaque is a thin layer of bacteria adhering on the tooth surfaces that is not easily detected by naked eyes. The bacteria inside the dental plaque release toxins that irritate the periodontal tissues including the gums, periodontal membrane, jaw bone, etc., leading to the development of gum disease. If you ever had red swollen gums and/or your gums bleed during brushing, these are already the symptoms of gum disease. Moreover, every time food or drinks are consumed, the bacteria in the dental plaque will metabolize the sugars in the food to produce acids. The acid demineralises the tooth structure and results in dental caries.

Love teeth Eat smart

In order to prevent tooth decay, we should eat smart. Minimize the frequency of food intake by having breakfast, lunch and dinner in sufficient quantities and snack once in-between meals only if needed. If such, there will be sufficient time for saliva to neutralize the acids produced by the dental plaque during the metabolic process and remineralize the teeth, hence, lower the chance of getting dental caries.

Effective tooth cleaning for better gum health.
Consult a dentist for proper tooth cleaning skills.

In order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, you have to effectively remove dental plaque. Not only should you pay attention to your toothbrushing skill, but also use appropriate tooth cleaning tools (dental floss and/or interdental brush) to clean the adjacent tooth surfaces. You can consult your dentist for proper tooth cleaning skills which best suit your oral conditions during regular dental check-up.

It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body.

Good oral health is crucial to overall health. Tooth decay, periodontal disease and many other systemic diseases (heart disease, diabetes mellitus and cancer etc.) share a number of common behavioral risk factors. They include lack of personal hygiene, smoking and unhealthy dietary habit etc., hence, establishing a good oral health habit and lifestyle not only give you a healthy mouth, but also a healthy body.

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