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The Oral Health Survey conducted by the Department of Health showed that cleanliness of the 12-year old students' teeth was still unsatisfactory, and a sizable proportion of students were still unaware of the fact that frequent eating or drinking was a risk factor for tooth decay. In view of this, the Oral Health Education Division (OHED) of the Department of Health has conducted the Bright Smiles Campus Programme for the primary school students in Hong Kong with the following objectives:

  • to promote the self-motivation in cleaning the teeth in the morning and before bed at night among the students
  • to help students to establish a smart dietary habit

This Programme trains the senior students to be Bright Smiles Ambassadors. As peer leaders, BSAs will promote the Tooth Care Activity to P.1 to P.6 students to encourage junior schoolmates to brush their teeth thoroughly clean on their own initiative, to establish a smart dietary habit to prevent caries, and to encourage senior schoolmates to adopt flossing as a daily habit. This Programme provides an interactive senior-junior caring platform at school, and thus creates a school campus full of bright smiles.