Flossing methods

Notes for flossing - Slide the floss into the gums to the point till you cannot go any further
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In flossing
when the floss reaches the point in the gums till you go no further
it looks as if the floss is cutting into the gums
It may look as if the gums are being injured by the floss
Actually, there is a crevice between the gums and the teeth
After the floss has passed the contact point into the interdental space
it can be slid down against the adjacent tooth surface to reach the crevice
or until it cannot go any further
Although it looks as if the floss is cutting into the gums,
as long as the floss is slid down slowly the gums will not be hurt
On the contrary, if the floss is not slid down to the crevice
the entire adjacent tooth surface is not thoroughly cleaned
and the dental plaque that is left behind in the crevice will cause gum disease