Oral problems

What should we do if our teeth are injured accidentally?

  1. If your tooth is fractured, you should find and keep the broken tooth part

    Photograph of a boy with his incisor broken off.
  2. Inform your parents immediately

    Photograph of a boy informing his parents about the accident.
  3. Go to a dental clinic immediately so that the dentist can check your teeth thoroughly

    Photograph of a parent taking her child to a dental clinic.
  4. The dentist will treat your teeth accordingly

    Photograph of a dentist fixing the child's teeth.

If the whole permanent tooth is knocked out, you should do the follows:

  1. Pick up the tooth immediately by holding its crown without touching the root. Use half of a glass of water or milk to gently rinse the dirt off from the root. Do not wash or scrub it

    Photograph showing the knocked-out tooth being immersed in water.
  2. Ask an adult to put your tooth back into its original position with reference to the position and shape of other teeth. Bite your teeth gently to stabilize the tooth

    Photograph showing a parent inserting his child's knocked-out tooth back into the socket.
  3. If there is difficulty in inserting the tooth back into the socket,immerse the tooth in either milk or saliva of the injured person in a container, make sure the whole tooth is fully immersed

    Photograph of a tooth being immersed into  milk inside a covered container.
  4. Inform your parents, and ask them to bring you to a dentist immediately

    Photograph of a parent bringing his child to a dentist.

Remember, the earlier the treatment is carried out, the better the chance for the tooth to be saved!