Oral Care Tips

  • Healthy teeth make smiles very pretty

    Photograph of a pretty girl smiling.
  • Healthy teeth make eating enjoyable

    Photograph of a boy eating happily.
  • Healthy teeth, healthy body

    Photograph of a healthy boy.

If teeth are ill...

  • It may hurt a lot.

    Photograph of a boy holding his cheek.  He looks painful.
  • If you have difficulty in eating and your general health will be affected

    Photograph of a skinny boy leaving the dining table.
  • Tooth will be lost if the problem is serious. The shifting of the neighbouring teeth to this space will lead to poor alignment of teeth

    Photograph showing poor alignment of teeth.

Therefore, we must carefully protect our teeth

Photograph of a girl ready to use toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss to clean her teeth.