Oral Care Tips

Do you know why there is tooth decay?

There is often a layer of dental plaque on the surfaces of our teeth, which is filled with bacteria.

Photograph of a tooth with its surface covered by a layer of bacteria-rich dental plaque.

When we eat, the bacteria in dental plaque will break down the sugar of the food and produce acid.

Photograph showing that the bacteria in dental plaque will produce acid when it comes into contact with food.Food + bacteria = acid

The acid attacks our tooth surfaces and leads to tooth decay.

Photograph showing the tooth being attacked by acid.

Every time we eat or drink, there will be a chance for developing tooth decay.

Photograph showing how eating and drinking frequently increases the chances of attack to the teeth.

Therefore, the more frequently we eat or drink, the higher the chance for us to get tooth decay.

How can tooth decay be prevented?

Photograph of a cross.Snacking outside regular meals or tea (snack) time

Photograph showing frequent snacking outside meal-time or tea time.

Photograph of a tick.Sufficient food taken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Photograph showing the regular intake of three meals:breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photograph of a tick.Only one snack in between meals

Photograph showing snacking once between two regular meals.

Photograph of a tick.If you want to take snacks or drinks, you should take them right after meal

Photograph of taking snacks right after meal.

Photograph of a cross.Drinking flavoured beverages outside regular meals or tea (snack) time

Photograph of lemon tea, soft drinks and flavoured beverages.

Photograph of a tick.Drink plain water to quench thirst

Photograph of a glass of drinking water.