Oral Care Tips

Dentists are our good friends. They can help us keep our teeth healthy.

How do dentists look like?

Photograph of a dentist.

Dental instruments encyclopaedia

Photograph of different dental instruments.
  • Mouth mirror - used to see inside our mouth
  • Dental probe - used to inspect our teeth
  • Dental chair - allows you to sit comfortably to receive dental check-up. It's fun! It can move up and down
  • Tweezers - used to hold cotton for teeth cleaning
  • Air gun - blows out water and air to clean the teeth
  • Saliva ejector - used to suck out saliva and debris in your mouth

How do dentists help me?

  • Teach us how to brush

    Photograph of a dentist demonstrating toothbrushing method.
  • Inspect our teeth to see if they are healthy

    Photograph of a dentist checking teeth.
  • Treat oral diseases

    Photograph of a dentist fixing teeth.
  • Apply fissure sealant, topical fluoride, etc. to decrease the chances of getting tooth problems

    Photograph of a dentist applying medication on tooth surfaces.
  • Take x-rays for teeth

    Photograph of a tooth x-ray film
  • Answer questions related to oral problems

    Photograph of a dentist answering questions related to oral problems.

Remember to go to see a dentist for check-up once a year, and co-operate with the dentist to keep your teeth healthy.