Oral Health Promotion Programme for Secondary School Students

The “TEENS Teeth Award Scheme ” which is an oral health promotion programme for the secondary school students is organised by the Oral Health Education Division of the Department of Health. This one-year programme aims at promoting the oral health of secondary schools students by instilling good oral care habits among them. This scheme aligns with the Healthy School Policy recommended by the Education Bureau, which strives to enhance the oral health knowledge of the students, develop their leadership ability and encourage their personal growth. To facilitate its implementation, the Oral Health Education Division is responsible for providing comprehensive training and resources while the participating schools and teachers facilitate coordination and communication. All secondary schools in Hong Kong are invited to participate in this scheme. We are hoping that with this collaborative approach we could solicit support from schools to benefit the students and thus to create a campus environment conducive to oral health.

There are five elements that are essential in creating a healthy oral health campus environment, they are:


To transfer oral health knowledge and skills to the students


To create a supportive school environment conducive to oral health


To encourage other students to adopt good oral self-care habits


To nurture other students to become successors to promote oral health at schools

To share and extend the oral health messages to other schools


This scheme utilizes the peer-led approach in the school environment to improve oral health among secondary school students in Hong Kong.