Have regular dental check-up

  • Individual oral care advice

    The dentist will give professional oral care advice which is specific to our oral health conditions. These include techniques in using dental floss, method in cleaning a dental bridge, dietary advice, etc.

  • Preventive treatment

    The dentist will provide preventive treatment such as scaling, application of fissure sealant or topical fluoride to help prevent common dental diseases.

  • Early diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases

    The initial stage of many oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease has no obvious symptoms. However, the dentist can diagnose them at an early stage and render appropriate treatment.

  • Total care

    A thorough dental check-up is necessary for the maintenance of oral health. The check-up includes the examination of the denture fitness, the condition of the filled teeth, etc. In case of any oral problem, the dentist can treat it promptly.