Denture induced Stomatitis is an infection of oral mucosa caused by fungus in the area covered by a denture. It usually occurs in the upper jaw.

Photograph of denture induced Stomatitis of the upper jaw.

  • Wearing an unfit denture which traumatizes the oral tissue.
  • Wearing a denture that is not thoroughly cleaned.
  • Not taking the denture off at night before bed creates a favourable environment that allows fungus to grow.
  • Rashes will appear at the early stage
  • Rashes will then enlarge
  • Sometimes even desquamate
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Feeling of pain
Photograph showing a denture being immersed in water.
Immerse the denture in water overnight
  • Consult a dentist and rinse with medicated mouthwash as instructed.
  • Remove the denture every night before bed so that the mucosa gets rest.
  • You must clean the denture thoroughly with toothbrush and detergent, rinse the denture and then soak it in a glass of water overnight.

If the denture doesn't fit well, you should go to a dentist for adjustment or replacement.