Rules and regulations of acquisition of oral health Information materials

  1. The Oral Health Education Division has produced various oral health information materials such as leaflets, brochures, and posters for free distribution to local organizations. At the moment, the oral health information materials are available in Chinese only. The equivalent English version of the leaflets, brochures, and posters can be downloaded from the Toothclub, our homepage at here.
  2. Online request of education materials is fast and convenient. Responsible persons of organizations can enter our oral health education website, the Toothclub, through and and register as recognized users. The organizations will then receive their user ID and passwords. Users are requested to secure their user ID and passwords in order to facilitate their use of online services. Users may browse our online oral health information materials catalogue, select the requested materials and then request for these materials through the internet.
  3. The information materials can be collected from our Division 5 days after the application within three months. If users cannot collect their requested materials during the allotted time, please inform us in advance for arrangements.
  4. In order to provide more updated information materials, our Division will continuously amend our information items. Please note that the distribution of amending items will be suspended.
  5. Our Division might need to adjust the amount of materials distributed due to our limited number of stock. To enquire on the out-of-stock items, please call the Distribution Group for details. If the item is available again, please submit another application. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  6. Please prepare your own carrying instruments when collecting the information materials.
  7. Users can browse their records of requested materials anytime through the internet. Once the materials are collected, the record of this particular request will not be shown on the internet anymore.
  8. Our Division reserves all copyrights to our information materials, and no duplication is allowed without permission.
  9. If any update of registration details is required, please download "Update of Registration Details" Form.
  10. Should there be any enquiries, you are welcome to contact the Distribution Group at 2760 5225.
  11. Our address:
    4/F, Argyle Street Jockey Club School Dental Clinic,
    147J, Argyle Street, Kowloon (map)
    Tel. No. : 2760 5225
    Fax No. : 2194 6537
  12. Collection time:
    Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Sunday, Saturday and Public Holidays closed
  13. The availability of barrier free access facilities in Oral Health Education Division includes accessible service counter, accessible entrance, lift, accessible toilet and tactile guide path. For enquiry about barrier free access facilities, please contact our staff on duty or Access Officer at 2760 5225.