Brush my teeth skills tip

Toothbrushing methods
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Brush the upper and lower teeth separately
Start from the outer surfaces of the last molar, at the back of the lower jaw
that is, the tooth surfaces nearer to the cheek
The bristles should be placed at an angle to the gum margins
Consider two to three teeth as a group
Brush to and fro like rubbing the teeth
Brush systematically group by group, ten times for each group
Brush from one side to the other
After having brushed the outer surfaces of the lower teeth
brush the inner surfaces close to the tongue
Reaching the front teeth since this area is quite narrow
it is difficult to move the brush head sideways
Therefore, the toothbrush should be placed against these surfaces vertically
Use the tufts of the bristles at one end of the brush head
to brush each tooth outwards, away from the gums
Brush the front teeth one by one
After finishing the six teeth in the front
brush the inner surfaces near the tongue on the other side of the jaw
After having brushed all the inner surfaces, brush the rugged chewing surfaces
Place the toothbrush horizontally on the surfaces
Do not forget the last molar at the back
For the upper teeth
also start from the outer surfaces of the molars at the back
Place the toothbrush at the gum margins
Take two to three teeth as a group and brush to and fro gently
While brushing the front teeth, hold the toothbrush vertically
Place the toothbrush horizontally on the chewing surfaces
Make sure all the molars are cleaned