Mixed dentition stage

  • When we are 6 years old, the first permanent molars will erupt behind the deciduous molars.

    Photograph showing the position of two lower six-year molars.

    This tooth is also called the 'Six-year Molar'. We have to remember to clean our 'Six-year Molars' when brushing, otherwise it will get decay in the tooth and illness in the gum tissues.

    Animation showing the placement of brush head at the backmost tooth while brushing the chewing surfaces of the teeth on both sides, and to thoroughly clean the six-year molar.
  • Commonly, the wobbly teeth will fall out naturally, and there is no need to extract them.

    Animation showing the eruption of two permanent lower cental incisors at the back of two deciduous central incisors which become loose and then fall off.  Afterwards, the permanent central incisors move forwards to take the position of the deciduous cental incisors.
  • To avoid gum inflammation, we need to gently brush the wobbly teeth too.

    Animation of cleaning the mobile deciduous teeth gently.