Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

Of course you can. You only need to:

Thoroughly remove dental plaque
Photograph showing accumulated plaque along the gum margin and a toothbrush head is placed against the gum margin.The gum margin of teeth

Clean your teeth thoroughly every day in the morning and before bed at night especially along the gum margin.

Animation showing the use of dental floss to clean the adjacent tooth surfaces of the lower teeth.Clean the adjacent tooth surface

Toothbrushing alone cannot effectively clean the adjacent surfaces of teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to use the dental floss or interdental brush to clean the teeth daily.

Animation showing the use of superfloss to clean the area underneath a fixed bridge.Clean the area underneath a fixed bridge

People with fixed bridge should also thoroughly clean their teeth, especially clean the areas underneath the fixed bridge with superfloss.

Photograph showing immerse the denture into water.Immerse the denture into water overnight

People with removable denture must clean their denture every night before bed, and then immerse the denture into a glass of water overnight.

Have an dental check-up at least once a year

The dentist will give you oral health instruction and suggestions on toothbrushing and flossing techniques to improve your oral health. Because toothbrushing cannot remove calculus, you can also have a scaling during the same appointment. After calculus removal, it will be much easier to clean the teeth. Initial stage gum disease can also be discovered and treated.

To maintain good physical and mental health
Do not try the first puff of cigarette
Smokers should quit smoking as soon as possible.