• To restore a fractured tooth.

    Photograph showing an incisor with a fracture at the biting edge.Before filling
    Photograph showing the fractured portion of the incisor (circled in blue) being restored to its original condition.After filling
  • To build up an unusually small tooth to improve appearance.

    Photograph showing two apparently smaller lateral incisors.Before filling
    Photograph showing two originally smaller lateral incisors (circled in blue) being built up to improve appearance.After filling
  • To close an interdental space by building up the two adjacent teeth.

    Photograph showing a wide space between two upper incisors.Before filling
    Photograph showing the space between two upper incisors (circled in blue) being narrowed down.After filling
  • To cover a discoloured tooth.

    Photograph showing varying levels of discoloration at the front teeth.Before filling
    Photograph showing the discoloured portion being covered.After filling