Oral treatments

If a child loses his/her permanent tooth due to an accident, his/her dentist may fabricate a temporary denture for him/her.

Photograph of a boy losing an incisor due to accident.


To improve the appearance by closing the gap left by the missing tooth. To wait until the child's jawbones are fully developed (around 20 years old) to insert a permanent denture/bridge/implant.


Plastic and stainless steel wires.


  • Take impressions of the teeth, and record the occlusion
  • Fabricate the temporary denture in the dental laboratory
  • Fit in the temporary denture at patient’s mouth

    Photograph of a temporary denture.

Points to note

  • After fitting a temporary denture, attentions have to be paid to keep good oral hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

    Photograph of a child brushing his teeth in the morning and before bed at night.
  • Thoroughly clean the denture and teeth every morning and before bed at night

    Photograph of a child cleaning a temporary denture.
  • When the temporary denture is not worn, soak it in plain water

    Photograph of a temporary denture soaked in plain water.
  • If severe discomfort is felt when wearing the temporary denture, the parents should bring their child to the dentist to check