Oral treatments

What is Leong’s premolar?

Some permanent premolars have a projected portion of the tooth structure which is fragile; this kind of premolar is called 'Leong's Premolar'. If the projected portion fractures, the pulp inside the tooth may be infected and becomes necrotic, or even results in formation of abscess.

Photograph of a Leong's premolar.
Animation showing the process of pulp infection caused by the fractured projected tooth structure of a Leong's premolar.

If I have Leong’s Premolar, what should I do?

To avoid the projected portion to fracture, the dentist may carry out the following preventive treatments according to situations:

  • Method 1:

    Animation showing the use of dental material to strengthen the projected tooth structure of a Leong's premolar.
    Strengthen the projected portion
  • Method 2:

    Animation showing the removal of the projected tooth structure of a Leong's premolar followed by the restoration with dental material.
    Remove the projected portion and apply filling to the cavity

If you think you have a Leong's Premolar, you should ask your parents to take you to a dental clinic for a detailed check-up and receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible!