Oral treatments

Why do we need scaling?

Scaling removes the accumulated dental plaque, calculus, and stain from the surfaces of our teeth, and prevent gum disease.

Photograph of the lower front teeth with calculus before scaling.Before Treatment
Photograph of  the clean lower front teeth after scaling.After Treatment

Treatment procedures

  1. Use dental instruments or ultrasonic scaling machine to remove calculus
  2. Polish the surfaces of teeth to remove stain and keep the surfaces smooth

    Animation showing the ultrasonic cleaning device to remove stains from the tooth surfaces resulting in clean teeth ultimately.

Points to note after scaling

There may be slight discomfort and minor gingival bleeding in the first few days after scaling. Please do not worry. You only need to keep on cleaning your teeth thoroughly every day, and the discomfort and gingival bleeding will gradually disappear. The gum will become healthy as well.